Triple Extrusion Line for Insulating SILANE-XLPE Cables up to 33 KV

The operation of all three extruders in one process enables the customer to produce the high quality cables guaranteeing the tight tolerance and meeting all specifications and clearing all tests. If compared with single & dual extrusion system in Tandem, the Triple extrusion clearly offers the advantage of space saving & eliminates the possibility of any foreign material or dust/moisture particle to enter into any layer.

Triple Extrusion Cross Head, the melt flow distributors of which are optimally matched to the shapes, depth and viscosities of insulation & semiconductor materials resulting in very low wall thickness tolerance to help with material saving. Since the head is heated and cooled through oil circulation system, a better control over temperature is achieved. The process is controlled through PLC system, which cut shorts the production startup time by creating as many recipes depending upon the Customers requirement.

The best part of Supermac design of Triple Cross Head is very easy centering of cable. Once the centering is done, it is not required ever again irrespective of changes of different size of dies & nozzles. The special screw designs of all three extruders are dedicated to their own materials, which helps getting the best quality of extrusion and maximum outflow of materials.

The incorporation of Accumulator helps customer in changeovers without stopping lines. The gradient Cooling System keeps a close check on cooling accuracy so that thermal shock is absorbed. Supermac Triple Extrusion Line is offered in two configurations i.e. ‘W’ type & ‘Y’ type. This decision is taken after understanding customer’s requirement & space available with customer. The easy assembly & dismantling of Cross Head is the key feature of the cross Head design. This Cross Head requires minimum time for cleaning & startup.



Conductor Cross Section Co/Ai.

25 mm2-1000mm2

Wall Thickness
Inner Semi Conductor
Insulation (XLPE)
Outer Semiconductor





Maximum Cable Diameter

Ø 75mm

Length of the line

100 Mtrs/110 Mtrs.

Max. Line Speed

20 Mtr/Min

Extruder Group



Triple Cross Head


Extruder/Head Formation Consultation

‘y’ Type ‘w’ Type