About Kinrei of America

Mission Statement

Kinrei of America is committed to providing the highest quality products and value-added services to our customers in the wire and cable industry. Our goal is to make customer service our number #1 priority for the complete line of Kinrei equipment.

Company History

The distribution of the Kinrei product line began in 1978 when Kinrei Machinery Co., Ltd., began exporting to the USA , Mexico and Canada with their line of high quality and reliable cabling machinery.

Likewise, Kinrei began exporting a philosophy of focusing on customer needs with unparalleled service. The whole notion of meeting customers' needs, not only with basic machine service, but also training in areas of how to make wire in the most efficient and profitable ways possible, or "complete wrap around service," was very new to the wire industry.

Key Personnel
Mitch Jacobsen, VP

Everyone knows Mitch! Mitch started his career in the wire industry back when he was 6 years old, running around the factory of the family-owned wire manufacturing business, Nesor Alloys. Mitch is one of the few people in the wire and cable industry that has expert knowledge in operations, machines, processes, sales and technology. This makes Mitch a ?one-stop guy? for any solution throughout the industry.

Larry Schneider, Parts Manager

Larry is a veteran and expert of the wire industry. Before joining Kinrei of America in 2002 as our Parts Manager, Larry had worked for the famous Watson Machine Company for over 28 years. With his immense experience working with wire machinery, Larry can understand and solve the most critical problems our clients face and provide them with the best solution.

Al Baron, Accounting

Al oversees all of our accounting and finance operations here at Kinrei of America. Al started working for the famous Watson Machine company in 1972 and has been in the wire industry for almost 50 years! He is known for his great sense of humor and wit, and for always being in a jolly mood.

Sean Donnelly, Sales

Sean oversees the day-to-day operations of our business, as well as bringing in new and exciting opportunities for the company. Advocating a very active business-style, Sean likes to be involved in multiple projects at once in order to help our clients in every way possible.

Dirghayu Joshi, Engineering & Development

Dirghayu (or as most people know him as: Joshi) joined Kinrei of America in 2018 to help boost our growth and success in the coming years. With his strong background in machine manufacturing and operations, Joshi works innovatively with our partners to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.