Insulation and Sheathing line for Power Cables

The state of art Extruder gives customers the edge of sheathing wide variety of cables. The screw & Barrel are so designed that they are easy to clean & helps saving time & reduce wastages during startup. High output & low maintenance are objective of the Supermac extruder to achieve. Supermac’s Cross Head adds to the precision level of sheathing line as each of the cross head is designed & made to the particular need of customer.

The Payoff is offered in driven & non driven option. The excellent work man ship ensures that the high precision is achieved in winding & unwinding operations. The traversing system of Take up ensures that the cable is evenly winded. The Dancer maintains the appropriate tension & therefore customer can change speed easily. For purpose of continuous production Accumulator can be also be added in the line. The Supermac sturdy Caterpillar can be used both as Entry Caterpillar & Metering Caterpillar. The decision is taken after the study of customer requirements. Since the line is fully synchronized the operator is provided with the ease of operating & controlling the line from the modular control panel. The cooling Trough with Gradient Cooling System provides cables with the required residual time in water to cool down