High Speed Insulation and Sheathing line for Building Wire, Auto Cable, Control Cable and wide range

Piggy back mobile Extruder. These mobile Extruders gives the benefit of space saving and could easily be changed for any line direction. The Extruder can be rotated 360° with the base fixed to the ground. The Head is Self-Centered and therefore it eliminates the problem of centering the cable due to which minimum start up time is achieved. Efficient designing and high quality of workmanship ensures minimum change over time and gives Customer advantage of changing size & color quickly during production.

The multipass Gradient Cooling System helps in space saving and provides better cooling solution during production process, especially in high speed lines. Design of trough is such that the cable gets the required residual time for proper cooling. The inclusion of Dual Take up system with two Pay off in line enable the line to run continuously and eliminates the stoppages during reel change resulting in high productivity.

All individual machines are in Synchronization with each other, therefore the controlling is easy through one pot which gives out best results. The option of PLC & Non-PLC enables Customer to decide suiting thier budget and requirements. The dual insulation lines are available in different option 45mm+30mm, 60mm+38mm, 80mm+45mm & 100mm+60mm for line speed up to 1000mpm. All these combinations cater to different requirements & provide various solutions with different speeds.